Susan uses silver and gold that is sourced from a refinery supplying exclusively recycled metals.


Argentium Sterling Silver is alloyed with germanium, replacing some of the copper alloy in traditional sterling.  This creates a silver that is more tarnish-resistant than traditional sterling silver.  I find that Argentium resists tarnishing for roughly 3 times longer than traditional sterling.


Pearls and gemstones are genuine semi-precious and precious.


How do I clean my silver jewelry?

Wearing your silver jewelry is the best way to deter tarnishing.  The oils in your skin slow the process of oxidation. When you aren’t wearing your Susan Panciera Jewelry, store in an airtight plastic bag.  When light polishing is necessary, simply rub the jewelry between your fingers to remove tarnish.  For heavier tarnish removal, use a commercial window cleaner such as windex with a soft brush, or contact me for more assistance.


Professionally cleaning is available free of charge for any jewelry purchased from Susan Panciera Jewelry Studio.  Email for instructions to deliver your jewelry to the studio.


Some designs feature clasps or earwires that flex slightly when putting on. Take care not to bend the metal, but utilize the natural spring in the metal to put on and take off.  Please use rubber stoppers provided on earwires to prevent loss, particularly when wearing scarves.