Ciao! I am back in the studio after 6 months in Rome and travels in Europe with my family (husband Matt and daughters Isabel and Penelope), and it feels great! Our memories and camera rolls are both full of adventures and beauty.

Being away from my studio was both refreshing and more difficult than I had imagined. One benefit of time away from the bench was that I was able to completely update my website. I am proud to launch the all new All thanks and credit for the new site goes to the fabulous Karen at KMDD.

Since our return, I’ve been busy filling orders that accumulated while I was gone (thanks, wonderful customers!), have begun to build inventory to restock galleries (thanks, wonderful shops!) and am preparing for the upcoming season, including shows organized by Minnesota Jewelry Artist Guild, or MNJAG, of which I am a proud member.

Also new in the studio is my first ever apprentice and assistant, the talented Juana Arias. I learned my trade as an apprentice under several jewelers and goldsmiths to whom I owe my career. Now the time has come to pass along my experience and at the same time, grow and expand my studio. I am so excited to have Juana join me in this next stage!

The last semester in Rome and visiting other parts of Europe have been full of inspiration. Our family had the fortune to live in the beautiful Monteverde Vecchio neighborhood of Rome while Matt taught at a study abroad program for American college students majoring in Classics. We’ve gotten to know Rome in a way only possibly by living here. We also took the opportunity to travel as extensively as possible, throughout Southern and Northern Italy, to Spain, Athens, Scotland and London.

I come home with a new energy, new excitement for my work, and gratitude for the both the experiences we’ve had and the life we have come home to here in small town Minnesota.

It’s great to home! Take a look at the new website, and stay in touch for new design and events as I get back to work! If you haven’t added your name to my mailing list, click the link to do so, find me on my Facebook page, and please share with your friends!